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University of Stirling Retention Guidance

The information on this page is general guidance (unless otherwise stated), to which there may be exceptions. Always consult senior management in your area before taking actions based on this guidance.

World Wide Web icon Records which can be Routinely Destroyed
World Wide Web icon Retention Guidance for Committee Records
Pdf icon Retention Guidance: Records Held in Academic Departments (PDF 50.9 kb)
Pdf icon Retention Guidance: Records Held in Principal & Secretary's Office (Admin Records)   (PDF 33.2 kb)
Pdf icon Retention Schedule: Records Arising from the Human Resources Management Function (PDF 160kb)
Pdf icon Retention Guidance: Learning, Teaching and Quality Managment Function (PDF 41 kb)
Pdf icon Retention Guidance: Information Governance (PDF 242 kb)
Pdf icon Policy on Retention of Taught Course Assessed Material and Research Theses (PDF 95 kb)